SK Technologies Limited, a reliable supplier in the of ESD & clean room, was established in 2003. With Rapid growth of electronic industry and rising demand from the customer, we garnered rapid development, expanded into an industry company immediately.


Started producing sticky mat and sticky roller, our production area occupied 4000m, owned advanced glue coating machine and labeling machine



Add one more production line in our production line: ESD Mat, introduced advanced machine control the full product process such as rubber refining,shaping and vulcanizing



Guangzhou Hui Bo Information Technologies Limited as one branch of SK Tech was established in 2011.  With the production equipment of injection molding machine, CNC bending machine and CNC punching machine,It expanded production area with 4000 ㎡, adding the production items—Coated pipe,  FFU, Air shower. 



We increased the production output, creating another production line—metal joints and roller tracks with covering the total factory area of 10,000㎡.



To remain competitive in the global market and provide solutions to our customers in a timely manner,we found an overseas warehouse in Thailand.

We have high standards that are followed by our team of professionals with years of experience. Our excellency is applied and monitored to every step of the client’s process from the first contact to the products delivered, followed up by an after-sales service. Always ensuring our client is 100% satisfied.
We have a major warehouse of 1000㎡for stocking the products of greater demand of our customers so that we can meet rush orders and prevent that our customers may be out of stock.
We are known for being flexible and adapting ourselves to all the requirements that our clients may need. We are focused on continuous improvement and established an overseas warehouse in order to have a better connection and efficient service.
We take responsibility for the entire process and results. Our customers are the most important key factor in the success of our business, so we take each of their requests and work closely with them to deliver the best product.
With more than 19 years of experience in the line of ESD clean room, we are looking forward to having a chance to get in touch with you.